β€œYou Only Live Once” a popular saying among the people of this generation. This saying symbolizes that life is short and every moment of it counts. For us, YOLO means Your Own Leisure Organizer! Because we do not want to remain a mere intermediary between you and a package, we chose to offer you something special, the best adviser for your holiday with the very first principle that we operate on - Optimum utilization of your money.

A person plans a holiday to get some break from his regular stressful life and rejuvenate! Everybody wants the best experience on their holiday regardless of the days or destination they are willing to go on a vacation and the money they are spending for the well deserved holiday! And so we say Optimized as we understand the needs of our client - be it a tourist or traveler or adventurer or an explorer. We customize and optimize your package as per your needs and your travel goals. We customize your vacation packages based on your unique requirements so that you can enjoy every moment of your holiday.

And this is not just for the sake of saying it!

YOLO HOLIDAYS is a dedicated segment of Excellent Tours and Travels! With over a decade of experience, good knowledge and expertise in the tourism industry, we have evolved and understood where Indians love to travel the most, what they desire on their holiday and what we should offer our customers to make it worth their time, money and trust on us. YOLO has been created especially to give Indians a much better travel experience for the most preferred destinations. YOLO ensure that your vacation is full of fun, filled with excitement & adventure and above all - the abode of luxury.

Holidays can be exhausting and cause fatigue. All the excitement and fun is of no worth if after a tiring day you don't have an environment to relax and energies yourself for the next day.

we ensure that your thrilling and exciting day ends in the lap of luxury and comfort!

We at YOLO make every effort to satisfy our customers by offering unparalleled services. Be it Adventure, Family, Luxury or Honeymoon - YOLO will make your every holiday into a memory of a lifetime!